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Licensee: LINDA L. RICE
Licensed As: TRAINER
Notice Number: AQ 26-2015
Racing Type: Thoroughbred
Track: Aqueduct Racetrack (NYRA)
Notice Date: 11/21/2015
Ruling Type: Fine & Suspension
Rule(s): 4043.2 4043.4 4043.5 4022.12 4022.13
Ruling Text:
Having received a report from the New York Drug Testing and Research Program for the finding of the drug "Clenbuterol" in the bodily fluid samples of horse "La Verdad" who finished 1st in the 4th race at Saratoga Race Course on July 29, 2015. Trainer Linda Rice is hereby suspended 30 days and fined $1000.00. Horse La Verdad is hereby disqualified from any share of  the purse money and unplaced in the order of finish. For having waived your right of appeal 15 days are stayed pending no horse trained by you has a equine positive in a pari-mutuel jurisdiction on or before January 25, 2016.
Ordered that during your period of suspension , you shall not directly or indirectly participate in New York State Pari-mutuel horse racing. You are denied the privileges and use of the grounds for all racetracks, you are forbidden to participate in any share of the purses or other payments. Every horse is denied the privileges of the grounds and shall not participate in pari-mutuel racing in New York State, that (a) is owned or trained by you, or by individuals who serve  as your agent or employee during your suspension; or (b) for which you during your suspension are directly or indirectly with training, including any arrangements to care for, train, enter, race, invoice, collect fees or other payments, manage funds, employ or insure workers, provide advise or other information or otherwise assist with any aspect of the training of such horse.
The New order of Finish Is
 1. Street Story
 2. Judy the Beauty
 3. Enchantress
 4. Ultimate Shopper
Suspended: 11/30/2015 to 12/14/2015 (15 days)
Fined: $1000.00

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