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2019 - All Rulings

Notice NumberLicenseeTypeNotice Date
MR 1-2019 JOHN S. DESIMONE Fine 01/08/2019
YR 1-2019 BIENVENIDO FEBRES Fine 01/08/2019
MO 1-2019 BRAYAN PENA Denial 01/10/2019
MO 2-2019 JOSE M. RODRIGUEZ Denial 01/10/2019
MO 3-2019 MELISSA A. DUNNE Denial 01/10/2019
MO 4-2019 MACY L. JENNISON Denial 01/10/2019
MO 5-2019 JOHN E. LUDI Denial 01/10/2019
MO 6-2019 CURRY S. EDWARDS Denial 01/10/2019
MO 7-2019 KEVIN SHAW Denial 01/10/2019
MO 8-2019 JOCELIN G. NARCISO Denial 01/10/2019
YR 2-2019 JORDAN D. STRATTON Fine 01/10/2019
YR 3-2019 RONALD L. CUSHING Fine 01/12/2019
MR 2-2019 PATRICK BEELER Suspension 01/15/2019
MR 3-2019 SHANE J. TAGGART Suspension 01/15/2019
YR 4-2019 RENE M. ALLARD Fine 01/15/2019

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